Anchor Text – How to Use It?

Backlinks are an important aspect of SEO and Google loves backlinks and ranks the websites high that have relevant and high quality backlinks.

What is Anchor Text?

Anchor text is basically a clickable word or a combination of words (usually a keyword) placed within the article body or in the resource box/author bio section of the article. The article directories that use HTML submission forms like allow you to place anchor text in resource box at the end of an article. It is important to note that the keyword you use as anchor text should be used in the article body as well. You will have better chances of ranking in Google for that keyword if you have used it in the article body. You can use anchor text in your website as well to improve internal linking but HTML tags are not required in advanced CMS systems like WordPress.

How to Place Anchor Text?

If you do article submission on article directories then you will have to use the tag given below.

<a href=””>keyword</a>

In the above HTML tag, “keyword” is the anchor text. It is an example only, you can replace “website” with your website name and can place your actual keyword in the place of “keyword” in the tag. So if I want to put my keyword “SEO Article Packages” in this tag then this example will be something like this.

<a href=””>SEO Article Packages</a>

The people reading the article will see a clickable keyword, SEO Article Packages in this example, and you can see it is clickable and HTML tag is hidden from you. You can also link to inner pages of your website or can link to any website you like. The code to link internal pages will be like this.

<a href=””>keyword</a>

So if I want to link my quick orders page and want to rank my article for SEO Article Packages then this tag will be something like this

<a href=””>SEO Article Packages</a>

When the reader will click SEO Article Packages, the anchor text will direct the reader to my quick orders page. This is all you need to know about anchor texts and how to use them for creating backlinks while doing article marketing.