Apple’s next generation Smartwatch – iWatch

Apple's next generation Smartwatch - iWatch_01

In 2012 Apple defied market skeptics and delivered hits in iPad Mini and the iPhone 5. And it looks like the year 2013 will see some more innovative gadgets by the tech giant.

Apple iWatch to be integrated with iOS 6 and Bluetooth 4.0 ?

It’s rumored that Apple and Intel, the 2 tech biggies, are teaming up to release an “iWatch” sometime in 2013. Apple will reportedly fuse iOS 6 and Intel’s smart technology in an upcoming rumored smart watch coming early 2013.

The device will reportedly have a 1.5-inch PMOLED display made by RiTDisplays, and will feature ITO-coated glass. Low-power Bluetooth 4.0 is set to make wearable connected tech more practical, and with Apple’s design touch and software ecosystem, a smart watch could appeal to more than just gadget geeks.Apple's next generation Smartwatch - iWatch2_01

Smartwatches have certainly gained some traction lately. With Pebble smartwatch as well as Sony’s counterpart being well accepted in the market, the demand for new innovative smartwatches seems to be market’s proposal for Apple.

You can expect Apple’s smart watch to offer comparable features and open up a new sub-market within the App Store for exercise-related software. Just Saying!!!

As a result of Apple’s new biannual smartphone release schedule, the company will also be rolling out iPhone 5S and iPhone 6.

Whether or not the rumors are  true, this will likely excite the Apple geeks as well those looking for another Smart gadget.