BEST WAYS TO BOOST PC SPEED  – When our system slow down you can try some of these practice can help to boost the speed.

1Keep the OS installed Drive Clean and Defragmented : The drive in which you have installed your Operating System should be as clean as possible,since Operating System is the interface between user and hardware,it helps in carrying out certain tasks.

2. Delete Temporary files:  Elete the temporary files in your System by %temp%or %tmp% keyword.This will help you to clear temporary files in your system and certain space in your will be freed, which wiil boost up the speed of your system.


3. Disable MSConfig Utility Program  Elete all the useless startup program from MSConfig utility,which will reduce the delay during the System boot,hence will increase the system speed to some extent.

4. Disk Fragmentation:  Disk Fragmentation can be accessed as Start Program>All Programs>Accessories>System Tools>Disk Fragmentation and time taken by it depends upon how much work is to be done and take some time between several minutes or several hours.

5. Disk Cleanup:  Disk Cleanup deletes temporary Internet Files, Offline Files, the recycling bin, and various other unnecessary files.You can go to DiskCleanup as Start Program>All Programs>Accessories>System Tools>Disk Cleanup.It will help to regain some space that have been used up by unnecessary files.It will help the to process at a fast rate.

6. Delete Cookies and History: Go to Control Panel click then go for Internet Option and delete all the Cookies and history of several pages,and it would take some extra time if you have not did this from a long time,but it enhance the processing rate of your system.

7. Add memory to System: This method can enhance the System’s speed a lot,as certain amount of new memory is being added the system.But few decisions are quite important to be taken while increasing the RAM,whether the system is able to install new memory.

8. Reduce Animation: Excess visual effects on your desktop should be minimized.That means,to reduce the use of desktop gadgets, which takes loads of memory usage.Try to use a simple theme which is best. Animated desktop themes, screensaver or wallpapers take more memory as compared to simple one and adversely effects the system performance. So keeping it simple makes the difference.

9. Keep Desktop as clean as possible: It means try to avoid placing of any any shortcuts on your desktop,if possible do not keep any shortcut on the desktop,try to run the program from start menu ,it will increase the system’s speed a lot.

10. Reinstall Windows: When System becomes to slow,and even all above steps are not able to make any change,then it might be the best option to reinstall Windows as nothing is working.But before installing Windows try to have a backup of all your necessary files.And can store his in external hard disks which seems to be the best option as it is safe.