CryptSync: Automatically Syncs & Encrypts Personal Folders

These days most people store their personal files on online storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Sky Drive and other services. It is more convenient, safer and much less hassle than storing on your own computer. While all of these services promise ultra-high security and safety of your personal data you can never be 100% sure, as once in a while even the biggest and supposedly “secure” providers leak personal information or get hacked.

So if you are really paranoid about your personal data and want to bulletproof it before sharing it online, check out CryptSync. It is a handy offline software tool that lets you encrypt your folders and does it automatically running in the background. It lets you select folders you want to automatically encrypt, encrypts them, and keeps their encrypted copies in a separate location. Then instead of uploading and sharing your original folders, you share the encrypted copy of each folder.




To try it out, first download and install the software on your computer. Next you have to create a folder pair – the original folder and its encrypted pair, enter a password and click the “OK” button. In the next window you can either simply encrypt and sync your files and exit the program or choose to minimize and run the program in the background.



  • Encrypts and syncs folder contents.
  • Sync only encrypted files or also include original folder to encrypted folder.
  • Encrypt filenames.
  • Encrypt one or multiple folders simultaneously.
  • Runs in the background and automatically syncs and encrypts changes.
  • Exclude unnecessary files (.tmp, .ini etc) from encrypt/sync process.
  • Show failures – shows files that could not be encrypted.

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