Earning money online has always been an attraction for upcoming webmasters, and most of them often start by registering as a publisher with advertising companies. Juicy Ads (Juicyads.com) has been one of the best adult advertisement companies since quite a long time now. If you are selling their ads but are not able to generate sufficient income, even after having a great adult website, then you have come to the right article. Today I will be revealing the untold secrets of earning more with Juicy ads.

In this article wherever the term ‘website’ is referenced it refers to ‘adult website’ so read this article only if you have an Adult website. Ok so, websites can be broadly classified into two types as follows :

Websites with small number of visitors who browse lots of pages.
Websites with large number of visitors who browse hardly few pages.
Optimizing your website to earn more from juicy ads depends on what category your website belongs to. I’ve been working with Juicy Ads for over a year and a half now. In earlier stages it had been a disappointment for me to notice how small income I was generating even after having great traffic and good visitor loyalty. But as time progressed I found out my (website’s) weaknesses and overcame them to generate good amount of revenue from those same websites.

Juicy Ads allows the publisher to sell ads in 4 basic types :

Pop-under ads
Mobile Redirecting Ads
Floating Ads
Banner Ads
I will be focusing on each of these types and revealing how to optimize each of them to generate more revenue from Juicy Ads.

Pop-under AdsPop-under ads are very common and broadly used by almost every adult webmaster. The concept behind these ads, in case of Juicy Ads, is that when a visitor visits your website for the first time in a day (24hrs), a pop-under window is opened which displays the ad. Now this pop-under only opens when a visitor clicks anywhere on the page. The best part of this type of ad is that it opens just once for a particular visitor each day. Bad part of it is that if you have small number of loyal visitors who keep browsing around your website, then you end up generating less revenue than expected.

Myth: It is difficult to generate good amount of revenue from pop-under ads even after having good amount of visitors.

Reality: Your visitors mainly belong to countries whose payout rates are less. Try getting visitors from countries such as US, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany and Russia (Pays good only at Juicy Ads).


Who should use these ads?Answer: Websites having large number of visitors (which in most cases are from search engines) and who browse less pages should definitely use these ads. In short, websites with Pages per Visit ratio less than 5 are a good choice for placing pop-under ads. For others I would recommend using a combination of more than one type of ads. You can opt for banner ads, if you have small number of visitors with large Pages per Visit ratio.

Advantage: Pop-under ads do not really consume space from your web page but act behind the scene on the client side.

Disadvantage: Some users often get annoyed by pop-under ads and might chose to avoid your website if they have a better alternative. You can overcome this drawback by providing quality content, especially, exclusive content on your website.

Earn huge money with Juicy Ads2

Mobile Redirect AdsRedirecting the mobile visitors coming to your website directly to another webpage is the concept on which Mobile Redirect Ads work. Basically your website is not viewed by your mobile traffic, at all! They directly get transferred to some other website and you get paid for it.
These types of ads are highly unadvised for newly launched websites. If you have just got into the market and people do not know your website by name, then you should not redirect them to some other website. Also, if your website is solely made for mobile users then I would not recommend these ads. You can try alternatives like Adxpansion Ads.

Myth: Generating revenue from Mobile Redirect Ads is next to impossible with my website.

Reality: Your website hardly gets any visitors who are browsing from mobile phones. Try creating a mobile version of your website if it is convenient.


Who should use Mobile Redirect Ads?Answer: Websites which are not so fruitful or lack user satisfaction for “mobile users” only should try these ads. Anyhow your mobile visitors were not getting what they wanted, so why not make the most of it?

Mobile Redirect Ads are the highest paying ads you will ever come across. You can generate some quick revenue if you properly manage your website and place these ads on specific pages of your website instead of placing them globally.

If these ads are incorrectly placed, you will be losing your valuable visitors. Mobile users might get a bad impression about your website and refrain from visiting your website. To avoid this problem, as I mentioned earlier, place the ads on specific pages which anyways won’t load or won’t work as they should on mobile phones.

Floating Ads Juicy ads released Floating Ads for their publishers just few weeks ago. I’m yet to review these ads so I am unable to give an exact review about this type of ads. Currently Juicy Ads provides with only a single 300×250 rectangle ad. The ad box (300×250) basically floats to the middle of your webpage as the page loads completely. The visitor can choose to click on the X mark to close the ad and view the webpage or alternatively he can click on the ad to view it.

As I have not used these ads widely and not studied them thoroughly I will provide a brief review for it. As far as I can predict, these ads might have high click rate and can be worth a shot for tube sites. But it might be quite annoying for your visitors if they feel that they are being fooled to get clicks on an advertisement when they were trying to view a video. A word of caution would be to try and test these ads for certain period of time or with certain group of users, instead of widely using it throughout the website. Check your website stats after the usage and if it is affecting website’s pages per visit or increasing website’s bounce rate then you can choose to opt out from these ads.

Banner Ads (a.k.a Filler Ads)These are most widely used types of ads as far as I have noticed. And more so often used by newly launched websites. Basically you can choose a banner ad size from numerous options to display. E,g. 300×250, 720×90, 160×600 and so on. When you place the code provided to you on your website, a banner is displayed in that part of the website which shows ads. Ads are chosen by Juicy Ads themselves. Now you get paid for every click on those banners. Based on the number of impressions and clicks the website gets, it is allotted a position in Juicy Ads system. Juicy ads track your visitor details to get the details such as ad impressions, ad clicks and the country of the visitor. When an advertiser wishes to buy ads with Juicy Ads, he is permitted to choose a particular website from all available websites based on their alexa rank, page rank, impressions, clicks and top 5 countries. This banner space is sold to the Advertiser at a price auto generated by Juicy Ads. If you wish to set a particular price for ad space on your site, you can choose so.

Advertiser Myths: Juicy Ads shows clicks quite large while I bought ads, but when I placed my ads on that website, it does not get corresponding clicks.

Advertiser Reality: Your ad was not appealing enough for visitors to click on them. Browse around some of the websites which use banner ads by Juicy ads. Juicy ads, as the tagline says (sexiest ad network on the planet), stays up to it. Their ads are really appealing and erotic. If you want to get more clicks to your ads, make something (banner) better than them. Hire some graphic designer for the same instead of saving the bucks and spending only on buying ads!

Publisher Myths: Even after placing banner in the header of website I am unable to generate good revenue.

Publisher Reality: Firstly Juicy ads works on CPC (Cost Per Click) basis and not CPM. So it is the number of clicks on the banner ads, is all that matters. Next thing in most cases is that your ad placement is improper. If you have a video streaming website, then obviously the visitor while scroll down to the part where the video streaming window lies. So your header ads don’t even get noticed in such cases.

Bottom line:
You should use banner ads on your website, if you can properly blend the ads with your content. There’s a good opportunity for TGP site owners to earn more out of these ads if they blend proper sized ads (E.g. 125×125) with the thumbnails used on the webpage. Another advice would be to use them in forums and place them at the start of the post (first post only, if you ask me) or at the end. But choose the ad size properly based on what your forum is all about.

Advantage: These are the most common type of ads and your visitors most likely won’t get offended seeing them. Another advantage as mentioned earlier is that, juicy ads are appealing and your visitors are often tempted to click on them. Thus you end up making good revenue. They can also be easily blended with images, especially thumbnails for images. If you use the above guidelines to properly blend your ads you can definitely earn good revenue from click. Not only that but this may also tempt advertisers to buy ads at your website, thus you can set your website’s price higher to generate more income from Juicy Ads.

Disadvantage: It consumes space on your webpage. Page loading time slightly increases based on the size of the banner. Visitors cannot choose to not view those ads. To overcome this problem, you can make the users register at your website and then setup your website to show ads to only guests. This will also result in increasing registrations on your website.

Here’s my statistics this week:
1 Earn huge money with Juicy Ads1

Payment Options:

There are four types of payment options in Juicy Ads:Cheque PaymentMinimum $100 payment.
FREE! No processing fee.
Cheque payments are processed on the 1st and 16th of every month.

Paypal Payment

Minimum $50 payment.
$5 fee + 2% of payment
($25 maximum fee)
Example: $100 payment
$5 fee plus 2% of $100 ($2) = $7 total fee.
Paypal payments are processed every Monday. You must request a payment by Sunday.Paxum PaymentMinimum $50 payment.
$5 fee
Paxum payments are processed every Monday. You must request a payment by Sunday.

Wire PaymentMinimum $1000 payment
$50 fee; No Fee for payments over $3500
Wire payments are processed at the start of each month, usually within the first 7 days.
Requests must be made before the start of the next month, ie. to receive a wire in July you must request during June.

Earning from juicy ads has never been difficult but has been tricky. Now that you know the secrets of earning more with juicy ads you can optimize your website accordingly. If you have any suggestions or better ideas to contribute, please feel free to use the comment option below. I hope this article helps you to earn more with juicy ads.

So what are you waiting now, register to Juicy Ads and start earning BIG BUCKS!

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Earn huge money with Juicy Ads