Google AdSense VS Chitika - Comparison Here I am going to compare between Google AdSense VS Chitika, which one is better for new blogger? This is most popular topic I found in forums and blogs.
I think Google AdSense is better option to make money online from your blog when CPC – cost per click and CTC – click through rate is compared with chitika, but problem with Google AdSense not easily approved for new site or bloggers. Chitika is one of the sites that easily approve your site or blogs and make money online. Click here Apply now on chitika and get approval.
Chitika also have all sizes of ad formats just like Google AdSense. Chitika income is only depends only if you get search engine traffic from US. If your blog is new and under construction than and you’re not getting more traffic from U.S than best option is Google AdSense. In that case chitika is not good for you.
Advantage of Chitika:
  • Low Threshold of $10 for cashout ,its easy for small publisher.
  • No fear of getting your account banned.
  • Very fst payment is possible through paypal.
  • Easy live support.
  • Many size of ad slots.
  • You can put unlimited number of ads.
  • Pic in each ad.
  • Affiliate program is available.
Disadvantage of Chitika:
  •    Competitively less amount of advertisers.
  •    Does not work well outside US & Canada.
Advantage of AdSense:
  •     Lots of Advertisers.
  •     Graphics and images ads too.
  •     Link units.
  •     Pay more when compare to other site.
  •     Post relevant to content ads.


  •    Disable publisher account sometime.
  •    Very strict policy.
  •    Official suppot is unreachable.
  •    You will never know how much you are being paid for particular click.
  •    Very high cashout threshold ($100).
  •    You can only put 3 ads per page.
Why chitika can compare with Google AdSense?
Chitika is one of the most popular CPC advertisement network in the market for web publishers which have following amazing option.
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