How To Add Blog Posts To Your LinkedIn Profile

You’ve created a fantastic post in your blog or website but it should reach the people.

But you also want those posts to show up automatically on your LinkedIn profile, right? So here are a few steps to make sure all your LinkedIn connections know what a thought leader you are. (Or at least that you’re publishing regular blog posts.)

LinkedIn makes it easy to add an RSS feed to your personal or company pages. Each time you publish a new blog post or news piece on your website, it will also be published in LinkedIn.

We are often asked how to do this, so we’ve compiled some easy to follow instructions for both your personal account and your company page.

How to Add An RSS Feed To LinkedIn Personal Account

1. Copy the URL of your blog or news feed. This can be found by clicking on the RSS icon on your blog or website. It should look something like this: or

2. Log in to your personal LinkedIn account.

3. Hover cursor over “Profile.” A dropdown menu will appear. Select “Edit Profile.”

4. In the edit profile area, scroll down until you see the “Applications” section. This may be at the bottom of your profile. It may be higher. Select “Add an Application.”

5. In the applications area, select the WordPress application by clicking on the blue title.

6. Select “Add Application.” Be sure both boxes for display on profile and LinkedIn homepage are checked. They are by default.

7. Paste your feed url in the text field. Be sure “Show all recent posts from your blog.” is selected. It will be by default. You will then see how your feed will display. You may need to select “Save.” If you do not see the “save” button, you have successfully added the feed to your profile.

8. Verify installation by selecting “View profile” from the drop down nav under “Profile.” You should see your new WordPress blog widget displayed on your LinkedIn profile. To move the placement of the widget, select “edit profile” from the drop down nav and you will be able to select the widget to drag it higher or lower on your profile.