How to set SOS Emergency help in Smart Phones

Here is some tips how to set SOS Emergency Help in Smart Phones step by step. Smartphones make you very busy nowadays in WhatsApp, Facebook and YouTube and so on. But it helps a lot in emergency like traveling somewhere new unknown place with GPS Maps. Now new feature is available in Smartphones call SOS that means “Save Our Souls” which was used in Airplanes ans Ships sending emergency help message. It helps the people who need emergency help like an accident, heart attack or stroke when the’re unable to call some to help them.

Samsung has recently released a feature with the Samsung Galaxy S6 that uses your power button to accomplish the same thing, making the process much more seamless. Phone will send your location, photo and a voice message.  It’s great that Samsung took the initiative to bundle that safety feature into their newest flagship, but for the rest of us non-TouchWiz users, Smart SOS has released their own app which mimics the same functionality.

How to setup SOS in Samsung Galaxy

Setting up SOS in Samsung Galaxy phone is very simple and easy.

Go to setting > Select Privacy and Safety >> Select Send SOS message

Now you can add contact numbers to whom send message in emergency and also options for send picture and voice recording with that message. In default it will send a message to the contacts you’ve added with a location map and need help.

If you want to send SOS message just press the power key 3 times that’s all it’ll send the message.

By using the Smart SOS app, you can press your Android’s power button 5 times rapidly to send an emergency message with your location to selected contacts. The app will also continue updating your contacts with your location every 2 minutes as long as the SOS service is armed.

Install Smart SOS

Smart SOS is currently in a free, open beta, so you can go ahead and download a copy from the Google Play Store.

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