How to Use Facebook Save and view them later

Friends on Facebook sometimes share interesting links that pictures your interest, but you don’t always have the time to read them right away. Facebook’s new save feature lets you bookmark all the links, pictures, music and locations then view them later at your leisure. Here’s how to use Facebook Save.

How to Use Save on the Facebook App

1. Open the Facebook app and scroll through your feed.



2. Tap the down arrow on the top right of any item that you want to save.


3. Select Save (name of item). You can save links, places, music, books, movies, TV shows and events.


4. Hit the More button at the bottom right.


5. Navigate to the SavedMenu. This will bring up all the items you’ve collected, organized by type.


6. Tap a link to see it in full.


How to Use Facebook Save on the Web

1. Open and scroll through your feed.


2. Click the down arrow on the top right of an item that interests you.


3. Select Save (name of item).


4. Click Saved in the menu to the left of your feed (or home page).


This brings up the links, places, events, music, movies, books and TV shows you’ve collected.


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