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With PlugRush adult advertisement network make money online with ease. Build your own unique widget in minutes, place it on your website and start making money right away. PlugRush uses customizable widgets to show ads and content in a new innovative way.

PlugRush allows website owners to buy, sell and trade their traffic. This is done in a way that not only allows a website owner to earn a profit off of their already present traffic, but also trade traffic to bring in highly targeted visitors. When used properly, PlugRush can boost a site’s exposure, add to the site’s bottom line and even buy the initial exposure a site needs from another highly relevant publisher. As you will see in this PlugRush review, you can leverage this network to increase your domain’s profitability greatly as long as your domain is adult-related.

Traffic Exchange

The traffic exchange, adult-related material, can be done in an instant. All that is required for a publisher is to meet the guidelines established by PlugRush, typically ad related, and add a widget to your domain. It is a simple process that works like this:

  • Add a webpage to the PlugRush System
  • Create a widget through the system that matches your domain
  • Send traffic to PlugRush

Now, all of the plugs you create with links to your own content are displayed on thousands of sites. Users can expect a 1 to 1 return ratio guaranteed by the company. The best part is that this is geo-based, meaning that you can target more people in your demographic much easier.

Sell Traffic

Publishers that want to sell traffic will find that the PlugRush system is extremely easy to use. If you have traffic, there are others willing to pay. There are three unique ways to make money:

  • Plug Traffic: Done through the normal widget, visitors will see an ad and if they click on it, you will get paid.
  • Mobile Traffic: Through mobile traffic, visitors will be redirected to an ad so that you earn money instantly.
  • Popunder Traffic: A generic popunder that is activated when a user clicks on any portion of your website. Money is instantly earned once a popunder is opened.

Generally speaking, Mobile Redirect and Plug Traffic are the highest paying options.

Publishers will want to note the following:

  • The minimum payout is $25.
  • Statistics are generated once per day.
  • Users can choose a myriad of payout options from PayPal to Redpass and Bank Wire.
  • Weekly payouts are offered and are based on NET7.

Buy Traffic

Buying traffic is pretty straightforward, but the price will be dependent on the country of origin. When visitors come from Austria, they may be more valuable than those coming from another country. However, getting started is easy.

  • Create a campaign
  • Deposit money into PlugRush

Now that a campaign is setup, you will need to understand the different types of traffic offered. These will greatly affect the profitability of your advertising efforts. The following types of traffic are offered:

  • Plug Traffic: A PPC widget that is displayed on a publisher’s websites. This type of traffic comes from mobile and desktop users.
  • Redirect: A generic redirect that directs users from a publisher’s domain to your domain.
  • Popunders: When users click on a publisher’s website, a popunder with your advert is displayed.
  • Adblock: When adblock is present, visitors are redirected to your domain.
  • Blind Traffic: Random, clicked, ads that display your advert across the PlugRush network.

Through these outlets, you can tweak a campaign to find the best converting types of traffic at the best prices.

Overall, this PlugRush review indicates that this is a great means of earning extra money and garnering more traffic through the PlugRush system. While the advertising costs are a bit higher than other networks, the highly targeted traffic will prove to be profitable for most users.

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