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UNBLOCKED Websites- Free VPN

Free VPN is a virtual private network that gives you a freedom of unblocking ¬†restricted ¬†websites blocked by the governments, organisations etc.¬† An isolated subset of the Internet that allows for much greater security and privacy without sacrificing the Internet’s ability to connect far-flung PCs and users together. VPNs have lots of uses, such as telecommuting into a corporate network, secure collaboration with others — even on the other side of the world — and private browsing. With a VPN, you can surf the Web anonymously and securely, leaving no traces. Free VPN from VPN Master is an easy-to-use VPN tool for Windows. Free VPN comes with more than 1,400 minutes of free access on VPN Master’s network. After that, you can opt for an inexpensive monthly plan, if you’d like. We looked around for some sort of limitations or fine print, but it appears that your free minutes start when you start using Free VPN and end when they run out.

Free VPN is easy to use, but you must provide a username and e-mail address to access the VPN servers. But the rest is easy; Free VPN’s tiny, draggable, Aero-style interface has two buttons, Connect and Disconnect. We pressed Connect, and a message indicated we were connected while a counter began counting down our free minutes. VPN Master says its network doesn’t compromise browsing speed. Experience made us skeptical, but bandwidth tests proved the claim, and Free VPN didn’t affect our bandwidth at all — a first, for us. There’s no Help file or support for Free VPN, beyond VPN Master’s contact form and FAQs.

Now we understand that there are many reasons for wanting to use a VPN, and not all of them are ethical or even legal, at least maybe not in your country. But that’s the point: the Internet reaches all corners of the globe, but not all of them allow free and open access, and tools that let citizens communicate freely, safely, and anonymously are obviously a good thing, though in this case, “freely” doesn’t necessarily mean “for free.” But it goes without saying that it’s a good thing that Free VPN is said to work perfectly nearly everywhere, including China and the Middle East.

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