Bigsweb presents you the way to access Facebook on your mobile phones even you do not have any Internet plan on your mobile phones. You can easily connect with your friends through the world’s largest social networking site Facebook, and even user can access Facebook without any browser.

Step by Step guide how to setup:

1.Dial *325# (or *fbk#) from your mobile phone. You will get an confirmation message on your mobile. Through this you can enjoy the Facebook facility in India. And user need not have any data plan on his mobile phone. 2.Then enter your Facebook username, and then enter your Facebook password.

3.Then welcome to Facebook message will appear on your mobile phone.

 4.After getting the menu on mobile phone , you can access various Facebook options such as Account Settings, Notifications,Message and many other by sending the number in front of option as a command. And there is no miracle behind this, it is due to the agreement between Fonetwish and Facebook India. Through this agreement every user can enjoy Facebook without Internet and without downloading any special applications in order to access Facebook. And this service is not available on all the Simcards, but available with only Aircel, Idea,  Airtel and Tata docomo in India.