We see benchmarks and anecdotal evidence of so called “browser speed” all the time, but what really counts is real live production data.  How fast does each browser take to load real web pages?

Tonight I was playing around with my GoogleAnalytics and checking a dozen or so sites I run when I notice a new metric, well new to me, named SITE SPEED.  Below are the stats from Google Analytics for this site, www.urtech.ca .  I found roughly the same speed numbers on all of the sites I run, from WordPress sites, to older HTML sites, to newer SQL / .ASP sites.

The numbers below not only show the results from Google Analytics, but also represent my personal experience.

What is the Fastest Browser, IE9, Firefox, Safari or Chrome

Note that these numbers are coving a little more than the most recent two months of traffic.

Usually whoever brings out the newest browser, also brings out the fastest brower.  Firefox has updated several times recently and is making improvments but is still a good way from Internet Explorer speeds.  Microsoft is about to release IE10, which I can tell you from personal experience with the Beta’s, is faster again.

I also find the IE works on every page but Firefox and Chrome periodically have rendering problems and even infrequent crashes.  Safari is just another over-hyped Apple product and these numbers prove that.