Tips for Make Money with Blog Advertising

 Increase Your Blog Advertising Success and Income

There is more to making money from your blog and to blog advertising success than publishing a few Google AdSense ads and calling it a day. Blog advertising success actually takes time, testing, and effort to find the right recipe that works for your blog audience and generates the highest income for you. Use the 10 tricks below to set up your blog so it can make the most money possible through advertising.

1. Publish Relevant and Focused Ads

If the ads published on your blog aren’t relevant to your audience and focused on things your audience wants and needs, no one will notice them, click on them, or care about them. In fact, they might even have a negative effect on how visitors feel about your blog. Therefore, make sure the ads published on your blog are highly relevant and focused at all times.

2. Continually Test Ads

Advertising success requires an ongoing commitment. You need to test ad sizes, placement, types, sources, and so on to find the right mix for your blog. And just when you think you’ve got the right recipe for success, something is likely to change requiring you to start testing again. In other words, continually test for maximum success.

3. Diversify the Types of Ads Published on Your Blog

Don’t rely on a single type of ad to drive an income for your blog. Amazon Associates affiliate ads are easy to publish on your blog, but not all of your visitors will be interested in those ads. Publish a mix of pay-per-click and pay-per-impression ads as well as a various ad formats such as banner ads, video ads, and so on.

4. Track Ad Performance on Your Blog

It’s essential that you take the time to track the performance of each ad published on your blog. How else will you determine which ads are most effective and drive the best results and income for you? Each ad space on your blog is valuable property, so track ad performance to make sure each space is filled with the best ad type and from the best advertisers.

5. Don’t Forget Your Content Matters

If your blog content declines in value, then your advertising opportunities will decline, your audience will decrease, and your blog income will fall. Don’t forget that you need to publish useful and interesting content on a frequent basis in order to attract and retain both visitors and advertisers. Without visitors and advertisers, you can’t make money from your blog.

6. Monitor the Ads Published on Your Blog

View your live blog frequently to ensure the ads that are actually being published are relevant and appropriate for your blog and audience. Many advertising networks will backfill ad space with inventory ads if a suitable ad isn’t available to display. Sometimes those inventory ads are completely inappropriate for your blog and could be received very negatively by your audience. Don’t risk offending your audience because you didn’t take the time to review the ads on your blog frequently enough.

7. Monitor the User Experience on Your Blog When New Ads are Published

It’s also important to view your live blog frequently in order to ensure that the ads that are displaying on it aren’t negatively affecting the user experience on your blog. For example, some ads could cause your blog’s load time to decrease significantly. You don’t want visitors to click away before your blog loads in their browsers because an ad loads too slowly or not at all.

8. Don’t Flood Your Blog with Ads

Less is more when it comes to publishing ads on your blog. If your blog is covered in ads, visitors are likely to develop a negative perception of your blog and have a difficult time seeing the valuable content between all of the ads.

9. Diversify Advertisers and Ad Sources

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Just as you should diversify the types of ads you publish on your blog, you should also diversify the advertisers and ad networks that you work with. Not all ads or ad networks perform the same or pay the same. It’s up to you to test different advertising opportunities and find the best ones to meet your blogging income goals.

10. Don’t Be Afraid to Eliminate Ads from Your Blog

If an ad type, ad provider, or advertiser isn’t delivering the results you need or meeting their commitments, don’t hesitate to delete those ads from your blog. As long as you didn’t sign a contract requiring you to keep specific ads on your blog until a specific date, you’re in charge of the ads that appear on your blog.

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