Best 5 Tips to Speed Up Your Computer Performance

Best 5 Tips to Speed Up Your Computer Performance

Most of the computer users feels that their PC has become very slow. Let me explain best way we  can Speed Up our PC. If try these  tips and your computer speed increase tremendously. So today I am sharing those easy tips with you so that you can also accelerate your Computer Speed.

1.Uninstall Unwanted Applications And Softwares

I bet that there are many apps and softwares in your Computer which you no longer use. Having such apps in your Computer eats up your Disc Space and RAM, thus making it considerably slow. Thus if you want to Speed up your Computer,  you should always uninstall Apps and Softwares which you no longer use.

2.Use Disc Cleanup Wizard to Clean your Computer of Unnecessary Files

After installing or even uninstalling softwares, your computer is full of junk files like logshistory of other files. These things too can slow your computer considerably. But don’t worry, Windows has a good tools which can clean all these junk files easily, which can help you Speed up your Computer. This amazing tool is the Disk Cleanup.

Here is the list of things the Disk Cleanup wizard can clean for you:

  • Empty the Recycle Bin.
  • Remove Windows [highlight]temporary files[/highlight], such as error reports.
  • Remove temporary Internet files.
  • Delete downloaded Program files such as Microsoft ActiveX controls and Java applets.
  • Delete optional Windows components that you don’t use.
  • Delete installed programs that you no longer use.
  • Remove unused restore points and shadow copies from System Restore.

To start the disk cleanup wizard, Just go to Start>Run(For Windows XP) or Start(For Windows 7) and start the process cleanmgr.exe and follow the instructions which appear on the screen.

3. Defragment Your Disc

Suppose your cupboard is the complete mess and you need to find something, then you will take a longer time to find it than when it is properly arranged. Same is the case with your computer. When you save files on your hard disc, they are stored in the form of fragmented parts, and when you Open any Program, your OS assembles those parts and opens the program. Now if the fragments are many, a program can take a longer time to load than when the fragments are near each other.

This is what the Disc Defragmenter tool which is included inside Windows does. It Puts all the fragments together, thus reducing program load time and Speeding Up your Computer.

To start the Disc Defragmentor wizard, Just go to Start>Run(For Windows XP) or Start(For Windows 7) and start the process defrag.exe and follow the instructions which appear on the screen.

4.Keep Your Computer Free of  Viruses and Spyware

Viruses and Spyware are another Major Reason why your computer can become slow. Well in order to maintain Optimum Condition and speed for your Computer, you should always keep your computer free from all kinds of viruses and spywares.

For this, Use a good Antivirus program with Anti-Spyware feature, always keep it updated and run regular scans.

5.Keep Your Registry Clean

Registry can be understood as a kind of database in which softwares store some info. Even after you uninstall those Softwares, many registry items are left behind, which can reduce the fastness of your computer. Thus removal of these is very important if you want to fasten Up Your Computer.

There are various tools available online which help you clean your registery, thus accelerate your Computer

Personal Suggestion

I recommend you to try out CCleaner. It Is A Free Software Which Helps you clean up your PC, Registry And Lets You Uninstall Apps Completely Thus Speeding Up Your PC . Download CCleaner Here:


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