DuckDuckGo search best alternative for Google

DuckDuckGo search best alternative for Google search engine which is now verymuch commercial and not safe (saving our private datas). DuckDuckGo uses over 100 sources to provide answers to your searches, without the need to click on a result. Just look for the instant answer above the results.

They’re open source, so any developer can contribute new Instant Answers or fix current ones.” This also means we have a wide variety of Instant Answers!

Of course, things like calculations and factual information are covered but what’s more interesting are the surprises you’ll find as instant answers:

From checking the status of a flight to finding words that rhyme together, we’ve got an instant answer for it.

Category Pages

Category pages are instant answers within a particular category, e.g. The Simpsons Characters. They are often linked to in the Related Topics boxes that appear to the right of instant answers. They can also be reached directly through searches.

While viewing a category page, you can click the grid icon at the top right to expand the category entries. Clicking a letter from the list at the top will send you to that letter’s section of the category.

Our category pages are actually automatically generated. That is, we do not moderate them directly or manually. Therefore, to add a result to a particular category page, you should work to add it to the underlying source. You can find the source, e.g. Wikipedia, by clicking on a topic on the category page, and then looking for the link in the instant answer. If you get the result added there (to that specific source) it should auto-flow to us and everyone else who draws on that information.


Auto-suggest (also known as autocomplete) is available for DuckDuckGo across platforms, including our websitebrowser extensionsAndroid app and iOS app.

To be clear, we don’t collect or share personal information and auto-suggest does not impact that at all. We simply do not associate queries with personal information (e.g. IP addresses) and in fact don’t store any of it at all so our auto-suggest doesn’t impact your privacy!


For image search results, click the link Images under the search box.

To expand the image search results, click the grid icon at the top right of the image search results. To then collapse the results, click the X icon at the top right of the results.

You can also use !bangs to search for images using other websites right from the DuckDuckGo search box. There are !bangs for Getty Images (!gettyimages), Flickr (!f), and iStockphoto (!istockphoto). For example, !f rainforest would search for rainforest on Flickr. The full list of !bangs are on the !bang page.


For video search results, click the link Videos under the search box.

If video search results are particularly relevant for your search, they will appear automatically. (e.g. gangnam style)

If you add the word videos to your search, video search results will appear automatically no matter the search. (e.g. ocean videos)

To expand the video search results, click the grid icon at the top right of the video search results. To then collapse the results, click the X icon at the top right of the results.

Also, our platform for creating Instant Answers is open source so if you’re a developer, you can contribute! Check out for more info.

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