Earn Money Online via Survey – PaidViewPoint

PaidViewPoint is a survey site that pays you to take short market research surveys based on your demographics and trust score. When you join you will not be required to give your name, only information that will help them to match you with the right surveys. For USA members, you will need to verify your phone number. Either with a landline or cell phone number. Instructions will be given through the registration process.

It is a survey site from the makers of ICS which currently resides on our Elite List. We have fully tested the site and we feel it is time to move the site from the Legit List to the Elite List. Site is over 2 years old and paying without any issues.

How to Earn Cash

Surveys – Everyday you will get a survey to complete and you are guaranteed to be able to complete it.

Prediction Match – These are contests where you can earn money for guessing how others answered questions.

What Can You Get?
PayPal payments

Payout Minimums
$15, none for money earn from Prediction Match.

PaidViewPointSpecial Features
Traitscore is a special features that indicates how often you get surveys and how much you are paid.

Anything Important?
Yes! You get a Trait survey everyday which is worth $0.10-$1. It is important to answer consistently on these. You will be paid more for market research surveys and you will receive more opportunities with a higher Traitscore.

Minimum Age

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