eDomz – Best Pop Under Network For Low Traffic Blogs

eDomz is the best online advertising site for those publishers who are getting the 60-80% natural search engine called organic traffic all across the world. If you are getting more than 50% of total traffic from US, UK and CANADA than they will assured to pay high eCPM for each visitors. They also offer best eCPM rates Asian traffic. I have organic Indian Traffic and most of the ad networks do not offer good rates for india. Surprisingly, eDomz monetizes traffic with awesome eCPM rates. And yes, if you are new in blogging community or online advertising concept than chitika will be the best for you, because it has so simple and very straight forward registration process and yes of course it is much easier to get approved from eDomz compared to other network if your site is receiving low traffic.

1. Simple to Place ads.
2. Real-time updating system.
3. Can work with all other ad networks.
4. Minimum Payout is $5 via PayPal.
5.  Higher Rate for all most all countries traffic.
6. Best pop-up service.
7. Best Online Advertising Network for low as well as high traffic generating sites.

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