Baidu the best search engine in China

Baidu search engine is the best and very simple search engine  very famous in China. Baidu was established in 2000 by Robin Li and Eric Xu. … Baidu has the 2nd largest search engine in the world, and held a 76.05% market share in China’s search engines market, the largest in the world, as of April 2017. In December 2007, Baidu became the first Chinese company to be included in the NASDAQ-100 index.

On top of that, Baidu’s share has consistently grown in recent months, Net Marketshare data indicates. For instance, back in March, its share was rated at 16.77 percent. Fast forward to June, and that number has risen, without any drops in between, to 18.03. That’s a growth rate of almost 1.3 percent from March to June – not bad at all, considering that Baidu’s competition consists of some of the biggest tech and web companies in the history of the world. Plus, their U.S. penetration is likely close to nil at this point.

Though Baidu is the search engine of choice for many Chinese people, the company has made moves to woo the interest of English speaking developers. Back in 2013, Baidu launched an English-language site tailored towards devs. They have even hired people away from Google, like Andrew Ng, the company’s former head of artificial intelligence.

Though Google’s search engine share easily trumps Baidu’s at this point, could we someday be saying “Baidu it,” instead?

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Latest Movie Websites, Streaming Sites Online

Wanna watch the latest free movies online? Are you looking for free movie websites to watch streaming without download or no login or no survey? Then you are at the right place, we are gonna give you the best movie streaming sites to watch movies online for free. Most of the website are free, and you can just watch without downloading (no login or register). Some sites are paid version and they do charge monthly(rent and watch movies basis).

So lets give you the list to watch films online 2015, most of the websites support all languages, includingenglish, tamil, hindi, telugu, spanish, french, german, korean, arabic and other international language moviesto watch for free no download and no login or register and no survey.

Note: We are not giving any links to download movies on this page, We are just listing the best websites from which you can either download or watch movie online for free.

Chapter 1. 10 Best Websites to Watch Movies Online for Free

Are you sick of downloading movies and want to watch streaming movies instantly? You are here to watch movies instantly from these websites without downloading from torrent or other sources. Here is the best collection of free movie websites online to watch. Here is your lead, take it or you can drop it.! That’s your choice.


The best movie site of 2014 is because it provides the user a large collection of movies including new and old. Integrated search options allow you to search any movies that you want to watch online for free.

2. MovieScout.TV provides movies not only for free but any legal downloads can be done by paying a few bucks. They have cheap and lowest price for online movies and their collection of movies and TV shows are enormous. They have a good community on that website which strengthens the websites’ fame and the website also provide useful information and links about the actors, languages and storyline of the movie.


Megashare contains a collection of almost every movie, including TV shows on its database. The best feature of this website is that you can watch movies online without any registration or downloading any players. The only disadvantage of this website is that you cannot stream the movies in HD.


Though it’s a best website to watch any movies online, it’s a big no-no for the children under 18. You might have to install the XVID player in your browser to play the movies for free. It provides a complete experience with 3D quality movies, including 18+ movies.


The Los Movies website allows you to stream online movie for free on the same page which means you can watch the movie without redirecting to any other page or filling up any surveys. Movies in Los Movies can also be watched from mobile devices as well and that’s not only the advantage, but also you don’t need any membership to sign for watching your favorite movies.


YouTube is one of the best website that’s available on the internet. Not only movies, but you can watch any video on YouTube such as TV shows, Trailers, Comedy videos, Video Songs and much more. YouTube is absolutely free and it can stream HD videos too.


Sadly HULU is only available for US users. Most popular shows, television series and movies can be watched online on HULU for free. It’s free for one month to try and you can get a membership from them for just 8$.

8. has a wide variety of collections of movies and it’s one among the old movie portal which are available today on the internet. It was started in 2006 and their database also includes TV shows, serials, cartoons and adult contents.


If you are familiar with then you mush have known about because both are one and the same. has been redirected to recently and it provides better search results by filtering the actors starred in the movie.

10. is especially for all the desi Bollywood fans. This website contains Bollywood movies and some top TV shows from India as well.

Section 1. Best Movie Streaming Sites to Watch Hollywood Films Online for Free 2016

Check out the best sites to watch english movies online for free, All the websites are providing the free access and there is no need of paying any amount for it. Some websites do require you to pay some penny, it is because of the quality of services they offer. When you are really disappointed on getting tickets for new films or when you ran out of money? Just relax in your home and watch latest movies online with your friends and family. Mostly its free of cost.

We are providing you the list of free websites to watch movies online, here is

So far we had given some top and best collection of websites to watch hollywood movies online for free.Hope you like this, if we had missed any site just mention it in comment and we will add it.

Section 2. More Best Movie Streaming Sites to Watch Films Online for Free

This is the continuation to the previous list. Check out the list of top websites to watch films online. If we missed any of your favorite site, do mention it in the comment and we will add it to our collection of website

1) Best Paid & Free Websites to Watch Streaming Movies Online – 2016

Here are some of the websites which are paid, the thing why we mentioned here is. Some people may opt for paid service as they don’t want to see the annoying ads and other things. So this may help people who want to rent or pay for movies to watch online. Here is the list, have a look

Here are some of the websites, that our readers had mentioned it. Hope this help, Also if you have any sites to be mentioned here. You can leave a comment on this page. We will add it here.

Will be updated soon…

These are the best top 10 websites to watch online movies for free in 2016 and if i had missed any movie streaming sites then please let me know it in the comment section. This website is a collection of website’s where you can watch the latest and new English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Arabic, German, Hindi, Tamil movies online for free without downloading by streaming them.

Free Websites to Download Music Legally

Here are few websites that let you download music free, that too legally. These websites let you download fresh new music completely free and you can use it as you want. Most of the MP3 songs that these websites download are free from any DMCA restriction, so you can use them on any and as many devices that you want to.

Already reaching for your headphones and getting those speakers ready? Head past the break to find out more.

(Note: The websites mentioned in this article let you download free and legal music from independent artists, underground bands and other sources. However, if you’re looking to score a free copy of The Marshall Mathers LP 2, you won’t find that on these. And on top of that, you shouldn’t do that, because that’s illegal. But once you hear some of the great music that is available on these websites, you might not want to go to those songs that everyone is listening to.)

Websites to Download Music (1)

1. Free Music Archive

First up on the list, is Free Music Archive, an amazing online service that’s exactly what it says: A massive archive of free music. FMA has quite a sizeable collection of free high quality digital music, all downloadable for free. It’s backed by WFMU, the oldest freeform radio channel in the U.S. The entire music collection is selected and uploaded by FMA’s curators, who come from all parts of the globe. Free Music Archive’s web UI is quite simple and straightforward. The header consists of handy drop down menus that let you browse for and find music, either by searching through curators’ names, or by genres.

The website is essentially two paned. On the left, it lists featured items, which are essentially blog posts about music, artists, musical events, and things like that, made by users, curators etc. The right pane features recently added music, list of genres, and more. Here’s a screenshot:

Websites to Download Music (1)

Each track listed on Free Music Archive can be streamed online, as well as download freely. To listen, all you have to do is click the play button before its name. If you want to add a song to your online streaming playlist, simply click the plus icon after its name. And to download it, hit the downward arrow icon. It’s as simple as that.

Websites to Download Music (2)

If you want to view more information about a song, like the artist’s background, the creative commons license under which the track/album is available etc., you can view the same by simply clicking on the name of the song. You can also tag the track with useful tags, share it over social networks etc., from this page.


2. Jamendo

Jamendo is another great free online service, that lets you discover new music from existing and upcoming independent artists. The entire music collection featured on Jamendo is available for online streaming or for download. However, Jamendo is unique because it also has something for the artists whose works are featured on it. Artists can choose to make their entire albums available for free download, or just a few tracks.

To be able to use Jamendo, you need to create a free account. You can either use your email for signing up, or directly sign in using your Facebook or Google account credentials. Once sign up is complete, you’re directly logged in to your Jamendo account. The main web UI is a fairly busy one, but is nevertheless intuitive. The header consists of four links that let you navigate to different sections of the website. They are mentioned below:

  • Discover: This section features automatically generated listing of the featured tracks and albums. The listing can be sorted according to different parameters like: most downloaded, most played etc.
  • Search: Use this section to search through Jamendo’s vast music catalog to find the track or album you want to download free. You can search using artist name, track name, album name, and things like that.
  • Radios: If you want to stream or download songs belonging to a specific genre, use the Radios section. This section basically features the music listed on Jamendo, categorized on the basis of genres. Some of the featured genres include Rock, Hip-Hop, Lounge, Electronic and World.
  • My Music: The songs that you’ve added to your playlists, or favorites appear here.

Apart from this, the homepage features some recently popular artists, albums etc., as well as other related news.

Websites to Download Music (3)

To listen to a song online or download it, simply click on its title. Once you do that, The track information page opens up. The page contains details like album name, artist name, genre etc., as well as download and streaming links. You can also directly share the song on multiple social networks and embed it in your website, blog etc. through the links provided on this page. It also features user written reviews. Jamendo lets you download individual songs, or you can even download the entire album in one go.

Jamendo comes with a Windows 8 app as well, that makes the process of downloading songs and albums even easier.

3. Amazon

The world’s largest online retailer is also a pretty awesome place if you’re looking to download free music. Amazon has a sizeable collection of free music (individual tracks as well as entire albums), that you can listen online as well as download for free. You can search for free music using Amazon’s global search bar, or use this link to make things a little easy.

Websites to Download Music (4)

Once you click on any search result (track or album), you can play its sample online using the play button before its title. To download it (or purchase it as a digital download for $0.00, since it’s free), click add to MP3 cart.

To download a song or an entire album, you need to have your credit card details saved to your Amazon account. This is because free digital music downloads work like online purchases on Amazon. Each downloaded free track and/or album is automatically saved to your Amazon Cloud Drive. From here, it can be either played online via Amazon Cloud Player, or downloaded as an MP3 to your computer. I really like the fact that you can download complete albums for free from Amazon.


4. Epitonic

Epitonic is one of the oldest music discovery websites in this list. Starting off in 1999, it re-launched a few years back after a brief hiatus due to financial bottlenecks. Epitonic is a lot more than just a place where you can find thousands of curated MP3 tracks that you can download free, or listen online, completely legally. It actively covers underground music scene of the present day, and features music reviews, interviews with upcoming artists, news, and much more.

The primary web interface of Epitonic is a pretty straightforward one. The header consists of three navigational sections that further link to drop down menus having shortcuts to different options. They are briefly mentioned below:

  • Categories: This section lets you browse Epitonic’s music catalog a bit more easily. You can search via labels, artists, genres, scenes and editors (the curators who contribute the MP3s).
  • Features: This section consists of other content like featured posts, artist interviews, music reviews, and things like that.
  • Exclusives: Navigating to this section reveals an interesting fact. Epitonic has its very own record label. The music released under Epitonic’s label can be found here.

The top right corner lets you search directly for any track using parameters like title, album name, artist name, genre etc.

Websites to Download Music (5)

Downloading a track from Epitonic is super easy. There are no sign-ups, accounts, or anything of that sort required. Simply search or browse through the vast collection to find some tunes, listen to them online, and download them if you like them. As simple as that. Each track has three small icons on the right of its title. You can use these toembed the track on your website or blog, add to the online playlist, or download it.

Clicking a track’s title also reveals more information about it, like album name, artist/band biography, genre, similar artists and things like that.


5. SoundCloud

Last up on the list is SoundCloud, a pretty awesome online music distribution and discovery platform. SoundCloud boasts of a vast collection of original user generated music as well as tracks from commercial artists. Whether you’re looking for game and movie scores, dub step remixes, or just some funky instrumental goodness, SoundCloud has it all. To use SoundCloud, you need to create account, which itself is a pretty standard affair. You can either signup using your Email, or your Google or Facebook account credentials.

Once signed up, you’re directed to the main user interface.

Websites to Download Music (6)

To search a track online and start listening to it, simply use the search option on the header. You can search using artist name, track name, genre, and things like that. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, click on the Orange play button to start streaming the song online. Each song consists of handy buttons that let you like it, share it on social networks, as well as add it to your SoundCloud playlist.

However, there’s a little something you should know when it comes to downloading. Not all tracks available on SoundCloud can be downloadedThis is because it features not just original freely downloadable music, but also tracks from commercial artists, either remixed by users or uploaded in their original form (To find downloadable free music on SoundCloud, try searching for : Free Music). Furthermore, a track has a download option only if the uploader has enabled the download option for it. So, if you don’t see a download button under a song’s listing, you can’t get it offline. Check out the screenshot below:


If you like dowloading from Soundcloud, you can use these Soundcloud downloaders to make the process easy.


The above mentioned websites are just a few of the tons of online sources that let you download music for free. While the fact that you can hardly find any music by commercial artists here may be a letdown or some, but the fact is, it’s not supposed to be available for free. That’s why you call them commercial artists. However, this doesn’t mean that the music that you find on these websites is any less good. Good music is good music, whether it’s free or you pay for it. And a true connoisseur of music can always find great music, no matter where it comes from. I suggest you give these a try, you’ll surely find some tunes.