How to block Pop up Ads in your computer

Last few days I’ve seen lot of irritating Popup Ads coming from my computer, I’ve found that those ads are initiated by Google Chrome Browser. Some time we click some pop up windows asking to allow or block which are coming in between our internet browsing, accidentally we click allow. Because of this mistake that website saved in out browser and it sends our search data to those website to show relevant ads. This is the step by step tutorial how to block those ads permanently from your system.

  1. Open your Goggle Chrome Browser and on the extreme right corner click the customize button it shows a list of options now select setting

2. In setting page click on Advanced you can find Privacy and Security tab

3. In Privacy and Security tab scroll down to find Site Setting tab

4. click on Site settings

5. Site settings page you can find Notification tab

6. Click on Notification tab you can find Blocked and Allowed website list

7. In Notification page go to Allow section and find the unwanted url and click

8. Now three options will pop out now select Block to block that website for permanently disable.


That all you’ve successfully block Pop up Ads in your computer.

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