How to enable WhatsApp Calling on your smartphone

WhatsApp one of the best leading chatting app for smartphones. The communication was great and users could chat in real time, with friends or within groups and even broadcast messages across your contacts. Users can send media files, be it audio, photo or video, with great ease.

WhatsApp introduced the calling feature and enabled it initially for a group of testers.

For this, one will need the latest version of WhatsApp (v2.11.561) as well as a WhatsApp call from a person who has already installed the feature. After the call, one will see a changed interface which will show chats, contacts, as well as calls.

Previously, the feature was available only to a limited number of users due to a limited invite window. The feature has not been officially announced on its website by WhatsApp yet. Notably, WhatsApp for iPhone has still not received the feature.

With a massive user base of over 700 million active users every month, WhatsApp is clearly looking to attract an even wider number of users with newly added features such as voice-calling. Notably, a web version of the app was unveiled recently and generated a positive response.

whatsapp new versionIn order to get WhatsApp calling, first you need to update your WhatsApp app on your smartphone to the latest version. Android users can head to the website and directly download the latest version of the apk file and sideload it. The present latest version of WhatsApp on the main website is 560. The Google Play Store has an older version as WhatsApp developers are not releasing the new versions before the final tests are performed. iPhone users can also download the file from the same website and install it using iTunes. If you are in India, you cannot install it by default. You will have to change your iTunes to US region and then it will allow you to download and install the app.

Now that step one is complete, you need to wait for someone with an active WhatsApp calling feature enabled to call you. Once he calls you, the WhatsApp Calling feature on your smartphone gets enabled. But there is a catch. The WhatsApp servers are the mainly responsible to enable the service on your device, after the enabled caller calls you. What we mean is that if an active user calls you, you may get activated for the calling feature, only if the activation servers at WhatsApp’s end are running. If the servers are down, then you can just get a call, answer and chat, but not get activated. There are random times in a day or week when the WhatsApp servers are online, and without any notice. So if you are at the right time to get a call, you are lucky. You can then call someone else to activate his or her WhatsApp calling feature. However, the person you are calling has to also have the updated version of the WhatsApp app. So you may have to guide him/her on how they can update it. Once enabled, you can see three tabs for calls, chats and contacts, in your WhatsApp user interface. If the contact you are calling does not have the updated version, it will not be listed in the contacts for voice calls.

Now here is a trick to get WhatsApp calling enabled—but could be risky. We claim risky because it involves a higher version of WhatsApp (v561), which is not officially out from the WhatsApp servers. It could be a leaked app, or a modified app. So if you want to try this trick, do it at your own risk. We do not claim any responsibility if your smartphone is compromised after trying out this trick. If you want to proceed, do the following steps:

If you don’t have WhatsApp in your phone you can download below

Download WhatsApp v560 from the original WhatsApp website. Click here.

If you have WhatsApp already proceed further

Don’t worry, your contacts and registration will not be reset.

Download WhatsApp v561 from here or here.

whatsapp new version download

Now open File Manager in your phone and open the download folder.

Click on the file downloaded named WhatsApp_2.11.561_APKField.apk.

Click Install the popup window will show click on the setting checked the ‘Unknown sources’  to install apps from third-party sources.

Click on the All and install now after installation finished click open. Now you can’t find any new options there. Because you’ve installed new version with calling but not activated.

How to activate Calling option

Now wait for a WhatsApp enabled caller to call you, or if you know someone who has it, request him/her to call you. Once you receive the call, WhatsApp calling feature is enabled for you.

And you are all done. WhatsApp calling should be enabled for you.

whatsapp voice calling

If you are reading this article and have WhatsApp calling enabled on your smartphone and want to help others get the feature activated, please leave a message in the comments and we shall add the phone number to the article.

For those who see a person’s phone number in this article who are volunteering to enable WhatsApp calling for your smartphone, we request you to add his number to your contacts and send in a request to call you. Note: Please respect the person’s time and devotion and we kindly request you to refrain from continuously spam him with request messages. We are sure he will help you, but will depend whether he can take some time out for all of us. Once again, please don’t harass him to call you back.



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