How to increase traffic for Blog and Website

How to increase traffic for Blog and WebsiteMethod 1:-

First add your website to Google search engine by going to

Method 2:-

Pinging is the best way to add your website or blog to search engine and increase traffic. It basically updates search engine every time you add content or a post to your website or blog.

Here some sites to ping your Website & Blog.

Method 3:-

Another way to generate traffic is create RSS Feeds.

Visit site to submit your blog

Method 4:-

You can also increase the traffic by using GoogleAdwords.

It’s a Pay Per Click (PPC) service provided by Google first you have to create a Keywords. So when people searching for those Keywords your ads will appear on top of the search engine like this.

Method 4:-

Use social media network like MyspaceOrkut,FacebookGoogle+ and so on ……

Post your link in social media network to other peoplewho are similar to your site. Post into comment section.

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