How To Remove Or Disable Ads From Hotspot Shield VPN

How To Remove Or Disable Ads From Hotspot Shield VPNAs we know, while using some Free VPN software for secure browsing, they tend to generate annoying and unwanted ads in browser and web pages that makes the browsing experience very bad.

Hotspot Shield VPN from anchorfree is one of the most popular and free proxy software available on the web, that offers anonymous browsing feature and at the same time unlimited data download usage. However this truly free VPN software does not offer great browsing experience because free version has some of its own limitations as such unwanted banners, popup ads appear on all websites on top of the page. Not only banners ads that are annoying (Comes with Explicit contents very often) but if you try to close them, then another popup window gets opened which also need to close manually.

It should be noted that Hotspot Shield VPN is now updated and showing notification to upgrade to new version on every webpage.

It appears that you are using an older version of Hotspot Shield!
Please upgrade now to our new version. Click below to continue.

You can also get rid of this message by changing browser user agent as explained below.

How to get rid of Hotspot Shield VPN ads and remove them from web browser?

The easiest way to get rid of Hotspot Shield VPN ads is to install Adblock extension on your browser. However Adblock also blocks Google Adsense ads which make website looks uglier than its original look. Adblock also blocks every external script which might create unwanted browsing experience while browsing some website.

So here we have the easiest way to disable or turn off Hotspot Shield Ads without ruining the browsing experience in any browser or especially with the Google Chrome.

Hotspot Shield ads normally appear in any browser whether its Chrome, IE or Firefox. However it automatically gets disappeared in mobile browser or mobile user agent such as Android browser, iPad or iPhone user agent etc. So what we have to do is to just change the native user agent of the web browser with other user agent, with the help of User agent spoof extension or plugin for various browsers.

If you are using the Google Chrome browser then its very easy, just install the Chrome UA spoofer extension from Chrome Web Store.

After installation click on the extension icon on the right top of browser, then click any user agent such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone or Opera as a default user agent.

You are now browsing with modified new user agent without any restrictions and without any ads by Hotspot Shield VPN. You can also change the user agent to Android or ipad or switch back to the default Chrome old user agent.

You can also able to remove ads of Hotspot Shield from other browsers as this procedure is perfectly working with Chrome and also applicable for all browsers including Firefox, IE, Opera or Safari.

Firefox users can install User Agent Switcher  and switch user agent to Googlebot 2.1 from Tools option. 

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