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InfoLinks is an Best Adsense alternative and in-text advertising solution, similar to what Kontera and Vibrant Media provide. Last 8 months ago We have signed up for InfoLinks. And installed code on my website  [Paid Android Apk Download site]. And made several hundreds of $ from this ads only.
Presently we are not running any ads on that website except infolinks. Because it is Best adnetwork For copyrighted/Pirated content publishing website or blog.
You may add as many sites/blogs as you want to your infolinks account, each site/blog needs its approval from them and after the approval you can instantly insert the ads into your blog/site.

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4 Types of advertisements For Publishers :
In-Text Ads : These In-Text ads by mouse over converting your keywords and phrases into advertising links.
In-Tag Ads : Infolinks also offers Tag Cloud for publisher. You can add Tag Cloud after your content to earn some extra revenue also u can place tag cloud anywhere in webpsge by placing respective code.
In-Search : When visitor for your website is from Search engine These ads will show up under the website.
In-Frame : These ads appears Based on screen width.

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Infolinks release your earnings on net 45 basis when the earnings reach $50 of minimum payout limit. The payments are processed through Payoneer, PayPal, Western Union and through Wire Transfer. Minimum payout limit for Western Union and Wire Transfer is $100 while you can receive your payments via Payoneer or PayPal when they reach $50.

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