Why we need Download Manager

Have you ever observed that you are not getting full speed while downloading something. Well, the reason is when you start a download from a browser, your browser usually opens a single stream to download the file. So even if you have 10Mbps connection, but the file server has limited the speed to 1Mbps per stream, your download speed will be limited to 1Mbps. But if you use a good download manager such as Internet Download Manager, it tries to download streams of the file in parallel, so the download is faster.

As you can see in the figure, when I tried downloading a file from Google Chrome, I was getting 400KBps. But when I tried downloading same file using Internet Download Manager, I got up to 512KBps (4Mbps). This speed difference becomes significant when you are downloading a huge file. As explained earlier, IDM opened 8 streams of parallel downloads of different parts of a single file. Once all parts are downloaded, IDM merges them to create a single file. This way I can truly enjoy my 4Mbps internet connection.



Apart from this, there are lots of other advantages of using a decent download manager. For Example:

Batch Downloads, Download Queues, Site Grabber, Advanced Browser Integration, Download Resume, Youtube Video Download and much more (Link 1, Link 2).


So start using a download manager right now.

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