Remove Ads From utorrent easily

Torrent client (Utorrent) recently announced the sponsored ads from the version 3.0 . But what many people realize that are permanent and can’t be disabled, but actually they are optional and can be disabled. so follow these steps and enjoy the latest version of Utorrent without ads. This method will also work for BitTorrent users.

Step 1.
Open the utorrent application


Step 2.
Click “Options” and then select “Preferences” from the menu bar at the top of the page.

downloader (1)

Step 3.
Select the “Advanced” option from the list on the left hand side of the preferences window.

downloader (2)

Step 4.
You will see a box with a long list of advanced options in the center of the window, from this list, scroll down and click to highlight the following one by one or use the filter function to find it without quotes.


And mark them false and the bottom of the advanced menu.

downloader (3)

Step 5.
Now exit Utorrent application from file menu or right-click the uTorrent logo in the tray and select “Exit”, to close it fully.

Step 6.
Reopen the Utorrent application and enjoy the Utorrent without having those annoying ads.

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