Remove Ads From Web Freer Browser easily

Many days before we have posted a article about web freer browser and its benefits, web freer is most usable browser in the world now a days because of its static ip address and its look, it looks like google chrome browser, but still some users ignore it because of its ads on the browser while browsing

But you don’t worry, i’m here to help you in this nechy – now you can remove ads from web freer and browse safely infront of your family as well

Why Remove Ads From Web freer

Web Freer BrowserAds in web freer is the credit for the owner who created this browser by spending his time to make its IP static – but many people don’t like these type of ads while browsing because of disturbance and their family problem as well because the ads are not good well to open them in front of others.

How To Remove Ads From Web freer

  1. First of all open the folder where web freer is installed.
  2. Now go to ‘Extensions’ folder >> here you will find some Jscripts (Javascript) files now the real task is starting from here.
  3. Here you have to delete some files or a single file, First of all delete the ‘dynamicjs’ file and open the web freer browser, check two things in it,
  4. 1st open and make sure your ip is not changed means the ip is static and not the yours secondly and the mostly check that the ads are not showing, if there aren’t ads then you are done but if not follow the next step.
  5. Now Repeat the 3rd step but this time delete another file, now there is the difficult thing to write there – you have to delete one by one file if the ip is not static and the ads are showing, some times ads will not be shown and the ip address also changed, so you have to delete one by one file and check the ip and ads
  6. If the above trick is not working remove all javascript files and then try.
  7. but i think your work will be done by just following the 3rd step.

Actually changing the ip address is not good even its violating the term of service of the country, if the sites are not working on your own ip address it means that your Service provider (ISP) is not allowing you to open these sites but there are many sites that may be helpful for the users.

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