Surf the internet without censorship Using Anonymox

Surf the internet without censorship Using Anonymox

If you love to surf the Internet you really need to consider using the Firefox addon Anonymox. This application will help protect your identity while you are surfing the Internet. Now you might say to yourself, “why do I need to worry about what I do online, I have nothing to hide”. This sentiment may be valid but every person regardless of who they are has a right to privacy and once that right has been lost it will never come back.


How Does Anonymox Keep Me Safe ?

This software is a addon that works with your Firefox Internet browser. When the application has been installed it blocks cookies and hides other identifying details like your I.P. address. While Anonymox will not keep you completely safe from the U.S. government it will keep the folks at Google and Facebook guessing who you are and what you are doing. To add an extra dimension of security when using programs like Anonymox you should consider using a proxy service. These proxies will help hide your real Internet address from prying eyes but not all proxy services are equally effective so do your research. You can set for particular website to not use anonymous in the settings.

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How Much Does Anonymox Cost ?

You will be happy to hear that Anonymox does not cost anything to install or use but you need to update the software from time to time when new versions are available. Along with using Anonymox you should follow these important tips when trying to keep yourself safe from prying eyes. Never put real information about you online, details like your name and date of birth can appear on websites like Facebook and also end up in the wrong hands. Do not install any software that you are not familiar with, these applications could be tracking you without your knowledge defeating the whole purpose of using Anonymox in the first place. These tips should help you have a safe and anonymous online experience so make the most of it.

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