Web Freer Pro is a free and Ads free proxy web browser

Web Freer Pro is a free and Ads free proxy web browser surfing the internet with private environment.

Everyone knows the government is monitoring our day to day life and activities, the question is do you want to fight back ? If you answered “yes” the applications like Web Freer Pro may be of benefit to you. This software is free so don’t worry about having to spend money needlessly but after you are done reading this you will be able to make the most of your online experience without worrying about Big Brother breathing down your neck.

WebFreer Pro  without AdsWeb Freer Pro is built with the open-source Chromium models on which Google Chrome is built, and with HTTPS browsing and privacy options proves to be an effective tool. The sole purpose of Web Free is to replicate a comfortable browsing experience in a natively private environment. So instead of installing modules and add-ons for another browser that may be less secure, Web Freer Pro is built from the ground up to support HTTPS and keep your data safe.

For the most part, it works exactly as intended. Installation is takes a few minutes to finalize, once done, you can open Web Freer Pro as you would any other Web browser, and start surfing the Internet. By default, privacy controls are active, so the HTTPS support is there whenever you go online, encrypting your data, blocking display of your IP address, and making sure what you do is anonymous. It can also unblock sites that are commonly blocked by your ISP and it is very quick. The smartest move made by the developers of Web Freer Pro was to build on Chromium, one of the fastest browsing experiences online, to ensure you gain benefits of private browsing without giving anything up. In our tests it was generally as fast as Chrome and often slightly faster than Firefox in opening high-media sites.

If you are eager to protect your browsing data and your identity when online, and want a browser to augment your antivirus protection, consider Web Freer Pro. Designed from the ground up for privacy protection, it is a perfect supplement to your existing protections.

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